I am Luca Lascialfari

Personal Biker and guide to the National Academy of Mountain Biking

With my Full I love cycling in contact with nature; the woods alternate with vineyards and encounters with wildlife are not lacking.

I am a mountain bike enthusiast. In 2009 I obtained the certificate of Guide of the National Academy of Mountain Bike, Amateur Sports Association that, in collaboration with ACSI - cycling sector, organizes courses for professional and technical training dedicated to the world of cycling.
The figure of Mountain Bike Guide is recognized as a profession under Law No. 4 of 14/1/2013.

On our hills even the road bike has its charm, the miles flow fast, the roads are generally not very busy and wander around these villages is always a discovery.

Sometimes I wear the clothes of a "vintage" cyclist: I ride a Bartali of the early 70's, mounted original, and I have fun with friends to participate in the various cyclists that are organized in the area, especially in spring.

Whatever the means chosen, the important thing is to finish the day happy and also a bit 'tired ... this for me is the bicycle!

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